In Chester County, the custody procedure is a multi-step process. First, one party files a complaint for custody or a motion to modify an existing custody order. Then both parties must attend a mandatory Parenting Class and a mandatory Mediation Orientation session with a court appointed and approved mediator. The mediation is conducted without lawyers. If the parties are unable to resolve their custody issues at mediation, the next step is for both parties to attend, with their lawyers, a custody conference at the Justice Center with a Custody Conciliator. The Custody Conciliator does not take sworn testimony from the parties. The job of the Custody Conciliator is to allow each party to present their views about a custody schedule and to establish a schedule for the child or children if the parents cannot agree. The parties leave the Conciliation Conference with a Temporary Order that will be signed by a Judge. If either party is unhappy with the schedule recommended by the Custody Conciliator, they have the right to file for a trial before a Judge.