Family Law Mediation. Many couples today are turning to mediation to resolve their divorce and property division and to create parenting plans for their children. Mediation allows couples to create solutions which might not be available to them in the traditional litigated divorce. Mediation helps couples continue to work as a team to parent their children. Mediation is an ideal choice for couples who have an amicable relationship and who want to end their marriage in a private, non-adversarial manner.

Orphans’ Court Mediation. Patricia T. Brennan is a mediator in a pilot program in the Chester County Court which offers mediation to families involved in disputes over distribution of the estate of a deceased family member, conflicts between children of one marriage and the surviving spouse of a later marriage, and other probate issues. The Administrative Judge of the Orphans’ Court invited Patricia to help create this program because she was one of the only lawyer/mediators in Chester County who practices both family law and probate and estate law.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association offers a consumer legal education pamphlet on Mediation. You may download the pamphlet at