You control the outcome of the process because you do not sign the settlement agreement until you are convinced that it will work for you.


The pace of the mediation is up to you. Most divorce mediations take four to eight sessions of two to three hours. Most civil mediations take four to eight hours. Civil mediations are often done in two sessions to give the participants time to consider their decisions. The mediation sessions are arranged at intervals that suit the participants. No one makes hasty decisions based on the emotions of the moment. Each decision is thoroughly thought out and talked out.

Maintaining Working Relationships

Whether the dispute is about business or about a personal matter, you may need to maintain a future working relationship with the other side. Mediation can help mend hurt feelings and pave the way for future dealings.


In mediation you negotiate directly, without using attorneys as intermediaries, so the cost is greatly reduced. Because you do not need any court hearings and because the focus is on cooperation, not competition, you can save thousands of dollars. We estimate that divorce mediation saves each couple 50% to 95% of what they would have spent had they litigated their divorce. You can save a lot of money in a civil mediation too. A company that successfully mediates an employee’s wrongful discharge claim can spend $2000.00 instead of $100,000.00. A real estate developer that successfully mediates a construction defect case can save more than that.


Mediation is usually done in the privacy of an office, as opposed to the public arena of the courtroom.

Custom-Designed Agreements

Each agreement is designed to fit the unique needs of the participants. Each issue is discussed and decided in the context of what works for you and for the others involved. Many people design agreements that differ significantly from what a judge would have ordered. In the long run, what counts is that all involved feel that the agreement is fair.