By Patricia T. Brennan – “Resolution”: PBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee Newsletter – November 2017

Mediating a dispute in Orphans’ Court is quite different from most other mediations. It is unlike mediation over an employment dispute, where the parties are usually the employer and the employee; it is also different from mediation between victim and perpetrator, landlord and tenant or neighbor and neighbor. In most cases, the parties in an Orphans’ […]

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With This Ring… The Do-It-Yourself Marriage

By Patricia T. Brennan – County Lines Magazine, April 2018
They say if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That may even be true for getting married. A do-it-yourself marriage is one way for a couple to eliminate some pesky problems like accommodating families with dueling religious beliefs, blended families who don’t get along, the long wait for the venue [...]
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Should you Mediate Your Divorce?

By Patricia T. Brennan – November, 2005 in the Daily Local
The following is an article published in November, 2005 in the Daily Local. Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone. As couples face perhaps the most stressful periods of their lives, they must deal with important questions. How should they divide their property? How should they share time with their children? Often, a public [...]
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Courts May Attach Pension as Contempt Sanction

By Patricia T. Brennan – December, 2001 in PA Family Lawyer (Issue No. 4)
RICHARDSON v. RICHARDSON 774 A. 2d 1267 (Pa. Super. 2001) ISSUE: Whether the trial court could award the non-marital portion of Husband's pension to Wife as a contempt sanction, including amounts due for alimony arrears and medical bills. HOLDING: (1) The Court could attach Husband's entire pension and award it to Wife, after finding that [...]
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Peer Mediation: Area program arbitrates children’s conflicts

By Tracy Behringer – May 8, 2001 in the Daily Local
Arguing over the rules of a game, excluding someone or name-calling may seem like relatively harmless situations that come up when children play together, but like any conflict, they can escalate. One local school, however, has come up with a way to diffuse school yard disputes by empowering the children to reach resolutions themselves. "The [...]

More Elderly Couples Calling It Quits After Years of Marriage

By Tracy Behringer
Often active, vital members of the community, senior citizens today are doing things that seniors from previous generations never thought about. So, it should be no surprise that in addition to being out on hiking trails or enrolled in college classes, more seniors are ending up in divorce court – calling it quits even after [...]
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Mediate vs. Litigate: How to Craft Win-Win Agreements

by Patricia T. Brennan, Esq. and Dr. Sidney Portnoy – August 2000
Unlike arbitration, mediation is not a mandatory, "binding" process. Many people embroiled in a legal battle don't realize that they have another option mediation. Mediation is a private, non-adversarial method of resolving disputes. In mediation, the people involved in the dispute are in control of their case, the results, and the amount of time it [...]
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Supreme Court Upholds Emily Post

By Patricia T. Brennan – January 2000, Chester County Bar Association Newsletter “New Matter”
On November 23, 1999, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania adopted a "no-fault" approach to decide disputes over whether an engagement ring should be returned when the engagement is broken and the marriage does not take place. This ruling should come as no surprise to followers of Emily Post, the dowager duchess of manners: The court [...]
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You Need a Lawyer If…

You may think you know your rights, but it takes a good attorney to secure them for you.
By Tara M. Behan – January 2000, Main Line Today
In all families, emergencies and accidents are going to happen. "Expect the unexpected" are words of wisdom that have been passed down for generations. There are some circumstances that are unsettling to think about. However, having the attitude of "something like that could never happen to my family," is extremely detrimental. Be prepared for whatever [...]
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