The most important factor in custody cases is what is in the best interests of the child.

Most parents try to reach an agreement for parenting their children during the separation and after the divorce. This is a difficult time for the children, but parents who work together can ease some of the problems their children face as they try to cope with the divorce.

There is no standard custody schedule. Most parents agree to shared legal custody. One parent is usually the primary caretaker who has the children during the week. The other parent usually has the children one evening or overnight during the week and one or several weekends each month. Some parents choose a schedule which gives the children equal time with each parent.

Parents also address issues like holidays, vacation, telephone access, transportation, emergency medical care, school visits and records, and attendance at church and religious education classes.

Most parents agree that their parenting plan and custody schedule may change as the children get older.

New Custody Law, Effective Jan. 24, 2011

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Child Custody – Frequently Asked Questions

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